$1.00 USD


Coming soon

🛑There's some delays due to delta and shutdown with the manufacturer. All plush are rescheduled to be shipped late September.

Update #1 - Childe and Zhongli plush are finished with production and I'll be receiving them soon. Venti and Guoba plush are almost finished.


US/CA/INTERNATIONAL : I'll start shipping the plushies by the END OF SEPTEMBER / MID OCTOBER and will be separating them into batches. I'll be shipping these all by myself and might require more time to process than what is estimated on the plush listing.

ASIA : HK dispatcher will start shipping Pre-Orders MID OCTOBER. I'll be updating orders to Asia once shipped.

Once all Pre-orders are shipped, any extras will be available to purchase here to select countries.

Thank you for your support and patience ❤

PS. This is just an update post and not the actual listing