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ACNW 2-piece Acrylic Charms

ACNW 2-piece Acrylic Charms
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The charms are printed with the same design on both sides. with a small acrylic charm attached on the bottom. They will all include a phone strap.

There will be a protective film on both sides of the charm, please remove this.

Characters available:

1. Isabelle
2. Tom Nook
3. Timmy & Tommy
4. Daisy Mae
5. Orville
6. Wilbur (w/shades)
7. Blathers
8. KK Slider
9. Marshal
10. Raymond

11. C.J.
12. Flick
13. Dom

Size: 4cm + 1.5 cm
Material: Acrylic

Art by Cwilock