$9.50 USD

⭐ Genshin Foil Stamp Washi Tape

⭐ Hydro roll will be available on April 29 and will have an early bird price until May 29

Stamp washi tape with gold foil. Around 25mm thick and 5 meters in length.

🔥1. PYRO Roll
-includes : Thoma, Xiangling, Klee, Bennett, Xinyan, Diluc and Amber

❄2. CRYO Roll
-includes : Kaeya, Ganyu , Eula, Rosaria, Chongyun, Diona and Ayaka

🍃3. ANEMO Roll
-includes : Sucrose, Venti, Jean, Xiao, Sayu, Aether and Kazuha

⚡4. ELECTRO Roll
-includes : Beidou, Lisa, Kujou Sara, Raiden Shogun, Fischl, Razor and Keqing

🔶5. GEO Roll
-includes : Zhongli, Yun Jin, Albedo, Itto, Noelle, Ningguang, Gorou

💧6. HYDRO Roll
-includes : Ayato, Barbara, Xingqiu, Mona, Kokomi, Tartaglia, Summer Barbara

🛑Canadian buyers : This item is unable to be shipped via lettermail due to thickness. Will be shipped tracked with Canada Post.